Established on May 10th, 1989, Beijing Allflex Plastic Products Co.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Allflex Company”) is a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and selling of domestic animals’ identification mark, with RMB13, 500,000 of registered capital and RMB20, 000,000 of total investments. Located at Wudong Economic Zone, Quqing, Tianjin, covering an area of 5000 square meters, the company has more than 100 employees. The yearly production of ear tag is about 80 million sets and the production capacity is over 200 million. It has the history of more than 20 years in manufacturing the ear tags.


Beijing Allflex Company is affiliated to Allflex Group, which is a multinational corporation specialized in research and development, manufacturing and selling of domestic animal identification marks. Until now, it has 60 years’ experience and has branches and plants in many countries all over the world, and Beijing Allflex Company is the sole plant of Allflex Group established in Asia.


During the last sixty years, Allflex Group has always been leading in world domestic animal identification and traceability management. Its manufacture and technology research and development teams are located in five continents and the agencies dotted in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and Brazil. The products selection series are diversified, such as products from visual ear tag to ear tag implant and from electron radio-frequency technique to biological DNA products. The group has a long history in world-wide program cooperation in official animal identification marks, and the share of global animal identification market reaches to 65%.


More than 20 years ago, Beijing Allflex Company firstly introduced the foreign advanced manufacture technology of domestic animal identification management to China. Based on the advanced technology and experiences of Allflex Group, the products spread to various cities and provinces of China, and have been exported to France, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada, etc., winning high acceptation from the customers at home and abroad and also winning the bidding many times in governmental bidding projects.


As the leading enterprise in animal mark producing, Beijing Allflex Company is always invited by the Ministry of Agriculture to draft the new standard for mark production of ear tag. In 2002, we drafted Ear Tag and Ear Tag Clamp for Domestic Animal Standard (NY534-2002) together with Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine Instrument Quality Test Center of Ministry of Agriculture and is still used today. The anti-tamper ear tag produced by the company was selected as the exclusive ear tag by the Ministry of Agriculture in Enriching the People Project about Ten Thousand High Yield Dairy Cattle Embryo Transplantation.


Beijing Allflex Company owns the modern manufacturing plants and devices, supermatic production line and advanced technologies. All the above improves the production efficiency greatly and ensures the production quality effectively. Our company owns the perfect manufacture and quality management system, and has passed ISO9001 quality system approval. The strong after-sales service teams guarantees the satisfied using for the customers.

       The mature manufacturing technology, the identified production quality and the reliable after-sales service make the company always leading in the domestic animals’ identification area in China. Stressing on service and focusing on reputation are the consistent principle of Allflex. Allflex is willing to be the good logistics soldier in animal husbandry.







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